Thursday, March 01, 2007

Valparaiso: Pablo Neruda's bathroom

Here I am taking a picture of myself in the mirror in Pablo Neruda's bathroom, part of a museum dedicated to the poet in Valparaiso. After my visit, I went to a café with some guides that work at the museum. I ended up sticking around longer than I had planned. The city reminded me of a mix between San Francisco and Brooklyn. It is a hilly city on a port with colorfully painted houses and interesting people. It also has a grimey, urban edge and several universities. It was my favorite place in Chile.


Pau said...

asi que en Valpo... bello lugar. de seguro me dare una vuelta por alla con mi hija este fin de semana, lo necesito. llamadme si estas por esos lados o si viajas a santiago. ¿has visto a Antonio? ¿te quedaras en AINIL? bueno, un abrazo. atte. Paulina (098.819.38.61)

Jalu said...

Linda foto :)

Andrea said...

Linda foto