Sunday, December 24, 2006

Argentine Student Comics

OK, the comment (in Spanish) for the December 15 post was made by a young woman at the comics workshop described in the December 19 post. She says thanks yada yada. Even if you can't read spanish, you can click on her name, which will provide you a link to her profile and blog that displays her comic art, or you can just go to It is worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to meet you, Ari!

Zil said...

Ari! I never responded to your comment on my blog...what an espantosa person I am. I am pleased to read that you've been volunteering...I gave it up...not enough time to truly give effort where effort needed to be given. I also think it's funny that you passed for Spanish in TWO stores! Everyone thinks I'm Danish, even the Danish! They speak to me in Danish and I look at them very very befuddledly and confusedly. These are not actually adverbs, but they should be. Also, your spanish is worlds better than mine...I aim to be able to write like you someday soon. Necesito mas practicar!