Friday, December 15, 2006

Comics on Schools in Argentina

(escuela = school)

In the above comic excerpt, you get a sense of how a couple of Argentines see Argentine schools. This image comes from issue #2 of the recently initiated second volume of the legendary magazine Fierro. In this particulary story, cartoon versions of the writer and artist (Carlos Trillo and Oscar Grillo) are mysteriously transported back to their childhood lives and forced to relive that world with an adult perspective.

The school I visited (in which my cousin teachers) was formatted a bit like the one above, with dilapidated classrooms surrounding an inner courtyard. Note the prominent Argentine flag.

You could read about the original Fierro in the Rennaisance section I added (along with the Self-Publishing section) on the Argentine Comics Wikipedia page.

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Hola! Pase a visitar tu blog asi ya lo tengo en los contactos (espero que entiendas castellano porque siempre me mando alguna macana escribiendo en inglés)

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