Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Comics in South America II: Independent Publishers

One of the best parts of my time in Buenos Aires was the opportunity to get to know some independent comic book creators. I was going to write a blog with all this background information, but then I thought ‘Who would want to read all this stuff?’. The answer I came up with was people who search for ‘Argentine Comics’ on wikipedia. That page, after all, was of the only places I could find from the U.S. to learn about Argentine comics before I left. So I put a bunch of info there. Basically, these guys invited me to conventions, their workshop, dinners, parties, taught me about local culture, lent me comics etc. It was really fun. Enjoy these pics and links of the convention and their workshop.


A bunch of writers, artists and friends getting together for asado before the convention Montevideo Comics.

Lugging the merchandise to the convention, carrying mate (very Uruguayan), neighborhood kid, yawning…

Crisitan Mallea of La Productora sipping some mate in front of his stand.

Creators Tomas Dassance and Laureano Alvarez selling their goods.

Calero, Uruguayan artist who worked on Captain America, drawing pictures for fans. In the back, a blow-up of a page from Crimenes, that Calero created with Rodolfo Santullo under independent label Grupo Belerofonte.


Productora artist Jok taking color lessons from Pablo.

Gervasio, Aón and Mosquito at their computers.

Productora members and me worshipping the almighty futbol: (from left to right) Cristian Mallea, Aón, Jok, me and Angel Mosquito.

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