Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Merlo Routine

I found a comfortable routine in Merlo. I enjoyed it for a while and today I left. I wrote the following description of my routine while I was still practicing it: I wake up between 9 and 10 when the bird chirping and heat makes it difficult to keep sleeping in my tent. I brush my teeth as I stroll through a path in the mini-forest. I take a quick dip in the pool to wake up.

While listening to poetry in English on my i-pod, I do some landscaping work on the property for a few hours.

I eat lunch with the family.

I go to a cyber café to revise a comics script that I wrote during a School of Visual Arts course in New York.

I eat dinner with the family and hang out with them until going to bed.

Before going to bed, I practice my rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" on my harmonica in my tent.

I occasionaly go up the mountain to bathe in the creep or go on a hike. I go to yoga on Mondays and Thursdays. On weekends, I might go to the bar and see a band.

I was feeling pretty lonely and useless when I left Buenos Aires. It takes time to construct a life in cities. The nature, laid-back pace, physical activity and good company here have rejuvenated me. I´m ready to hit the road again, this time alone.
My landscaping

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Abe Lateiner said...

GO get em pliskers!!!
Umm, imagining you playing the harmonica is my new favorite activity.