Sunday, November 26, 2006


At volunteer English teaching, a couple of French women and I taught a few lessons on numbers in English in a Comedor (soupt kitchen/community center type thing) in Zona Sur of Gran Buenos Aires. The kids were kind of silly, generally sweet and wanted to learn something. We had fun. It felt good to be teaching again. A few were syblings and they hit each other when they got frustrated. I may not have the imperative tense down, but the "teacher look" transcends all languages.


Abe said...

Plisky your new, frequent blog entry system is awesome. Also the part about the universal teacher look is awesome. Do they call you "profe?"

Ari Pliskin said...

I think short and frequent is better. I wouldn't read long blog entries.

They haven't called me "profe", but one did call me "yanqui".