Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don´t cry for Argentina, Ariel

Today, I think a cut-and-pasted gmail IM conversation will serve to share what is going on more than something I make up.

me: well, now that i left argentina
i feel more connected to it
and i feel like less of an outsider with argentines
because i was there for 4 months

Jill: that's great. you've made a new home

me: yeah, very self-consiously and deliberatley
trying to connect to my roots

Jill: chosen homes are often the best

me: yeah, even when people make fun of me for trying too hard to adopt an accent
and say i sound italian

but to me argentines sound italian

but yesterday i was talking to chilenos in the hostel and they first guessed i was argentine and then said i must have lived there for at least 1 year

i took it as a compliment

Jill: that's awesome..congratulations..on your italian

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