Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Post on Posting

I’ve been writing in my journal since 7th grade, but this blog is the first time I’ve shared my writing with anyone outside of a classroom. Building on the advice of friends and remembering that I don’t read long-winded blogs, I’ve been writing shorter, more frequent posts. That last (big) post about Montevideo took so long because I wanted to check some facts, but I eventually thought it was better to just keep writing. Other times, I get distracted by Internet bells & whistles.

When these things happen, I think about James Kochalka. He is my favorite current comics artist and Internet journal writer. Reading his daily postings, you get a sense of what he is about and you also see a lot of crap. You see him complain about his crap too. In short, James rules!! You can check out the link above, but to really appreciate him, you have to read the collected works.

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